Leon Petrażycki’s criticism of the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. Analysis from the perspective of philosophy and social ethics as well as the principles of law and morality policy


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Petrażycki, Kant, transcendentalism, criticism, psychologism, ethics, morality


Leon Petrażycki’s attitude to the Kantian Philosophy was negative, he found it as “mystification” in which: “darkness and complexity compete with oddity and absurdity” (Petrażycki, 1939, p. IV). In Leon Petrażycki’s opinion, the philosophy of Immanuel Kant was a cause of collapse of philosophy, impediment to development and progress as well as decay of many minds. According to L. Petrażycki, an alternative shall be the accomplishment of the “common love” ethical ideal, strive for establishment of perfect society consisting of well-socialized citizens. The ethical ideal shall be accomplished in line with the law and morality policy instead of the
Kantian critical philosophy and formal ethics.