Mesjanistyczna koncepcja dziecka a edukacja religijna w systemie pedagogicznym Marii Montessori



Słowa kluczowe:

Montessori pedagogical system, messianism, messianic conception of child, spirituality of child, self-transcendence, religious education


The article addresses the religious and educational contexts of Maria Montessori’s pedagogical system, along with its anthropological and ontological embedding, with a particular focus on the teleological concept of the world and the messianic concept of the child and childhood. The analysis of Montessori’s views on the significance of religious education, which can be read from the perspective of expanded ecumenism, indicates its subservience to the development of the child’s spirituality, understood both in the perspective of self-transcendence and the role to be played by the child in the eschatological process of achieving a world of perpetual peace.