Globalny sukces mormonizmu i jego uwarunkowania



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Mormonism, Latter-day Saints, modernization, globalization, adaptation


Mormonism is a relatively new religion that has achieved remarkable success on a global scale. According to numerous researchers, there is a potential for it to become a world religion in the future. In this paper, I will focus on the specific characteristics of Mormonism, particularly The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, that have contributed to its global success. This success can be measured by the rapid and steady growth of its followers. I argue that this success is a result of the rare ability of Mormon­ism to maintain a dynamic balance between assimilation and the preservation of one’s cultural and religious identity. The Mormon religious doctrines, practices, and the way the church operates, both in its country of origin and globally, allow it to quickly adapt to a changing world while also maintaining a moderate tension towards the socio-cultur­al environment. Some examples of these characteristics include continuous revelation, unique beliefs, the coexistence of explicit and implicit beliefs and practices, a specific lan­guage used for missionary activities, and efficient utilization of globalization processes. These factors together enable Mormons to successfully balance between assimilation and preservation.



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