Agon bosko-ludzki. Korzystanie z (nie)ziemskiej mocy i światła (boskiej) wiedzy podczas wznoszenia ku niebu obiektów architektonicznych



Słowa kluczowe:

agon, power, mathematics, architecture, menhir, cromlech, obelisk, gothic ca¬thedral, skyscraper


People try with great determination to overcome the border between heaven and earth by erecting vari-ous objects. In antiquity, these objects were typically megaliths and temple towers, in the Middle Ages, gothic cathedrals, and in modern times, skyscrap­ers that almost defy the laws of gravity. This idea centers around vertical development, the act of surpassing physical boundaries and venturing into the supernatural realm in a symbolic sense. This concept is deeply ingrained in the relationship between man and divinity and serves to represent the constant tension between these two worlds.