Modernizacja społeczna a religijność – zmienne relacje

Słowa kluczowe: socio-cultural pluralism, religion and religiosity, secularization, desecularization, social modernization


In this paper we do point out in the first place what is social modernization, and then we talk about the relations of social modernization and religiosity: a) the notion of social modernization, b) social modernization and secularization, c) social modernization and desecularization, d) socio-cultural pluralism and religion. Social modernization doesn’t have to therefore to lead into more and more efficient removal of religion from the public sphere, until it will be absolutely eradicated. Until recently, it was assumed in sociology that there’s a correlation between social modernization and religiosity; mostly unilateral: the more modernization we have the less religiosty there is and the more a society is modernized the more secular it is. Today, more often we speak of many variants of modernization and only few of them are inevitably related to modernity and social modernization (secularization is taken here as an intergral part of modernization).