Intifada i popkultura. Konflikt izraelsko-palestyński w optyce seriali Fauda i Our Boys

Słowa kluczowe: popular culture, terrorism, intifada, Palestine, Israel, conflict


Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have repeatedly been a topic in cinematography. These films depicted mutually inflicted harm and their moral premises from different perspectives. In recent years, cinema has noticeably lost its “monopoly” on socially significant narratives, making them permanently appear on the silver screen. Nowadays, we need less and less time for death and trauma (social, cultural and individual) to become a material for the entertainment industry. However, instead of joining the choir lamenting this state of affairs, it is worth taking a closer look at it for a change – if not favorably, then at least  with an ambivalent attitude. After all, entertainment can become both an active catalyst for cultural traumas, regulate the dynamics of post-traumatic growth, as well as promote re-traumatization.