Dracula Antychryst – wątki religijne w literaturze wampirycznej

Słowa kluczowe: vampire, vampirism, Antichrist, religion and horror, vampiric literature and Christianity, The Bride of Corinth, Clarimonde, Dracula, vampire psychoanalysis


This article aims to present religious themes in vampiric literature, with particular emphasis on its antichrist tradition. The background of the analysis is the Christian religion as dominant in our civilization circle. The Bible is also an important reference point as the archetext of Judeo-Christian culture. The literary examples are: Goethe’s Bride of Corinth, which heroine has features opposed to the Christian God; Gautier’s Clarimonde as the (proto)Anti-christ heroine; Stoker’s Dracula as a text that fully implements the theme of the vampire as Antichrist. The features of a vampire are indicated as the inversion of Christ (the Antichrist), as well as His analogy. The rest of the article focuses on the symbolic meaning of blood as identical with soul and the psychoanalytical interpretation of the vampire figure in relation to the Christian interpretation and the concept of sin.