Religiosity of Youth in Europe form the sociological perspective


Słowa kluczowe:

secularization, religiousness, religion, youth


This article will attempt to outline the main indicators of religiousness among young people in Europe. The religious sphere in Europe is quite clearly characterized by secularizational influences, though they have different intensity in individual societies. It is visible in the most general sense that in the Western part of Europe the tendencies for becoming distant from the institutional dimension of religion are rather more distinctly outlined than in its Eastern part, where a certain stability of the traditional religious model is still noticeable, inter alia based on the manifestation of affiliation and involvement. Religious organizations are trying to react to the indications of a decline or sometimes even religious indifference by implementing undertakings and initiatives, which lead to the religious revival among the members of contemporary societies, including young people. To what extent these kinds of offers become part of young people’s expectations seems to be an open question.