Mobilizacje religijne w Polsce. Ujęcie socjologiczne

Słowa kluczowe: religion, religiosity, religious mobilization, secularization


This article will attempt to present the assumptions, the scale and the potential effectiveness of chosen religious mobilizations, that is initiatives with a significant, since supralocal, scope, which are undertaken in order to revive the religious involvement in Poland. Polish religiousness seems to be vital, especially in comparison with the countries of Western Europe, but there are signs of its gradual weakening. This induces religious institutions and religiously committed environments to undertake and implement initiatives, which are to vitalize and mobilize the religious activity of Polish society. Among such initiatives in Poland there are the meetings in Lednica, World Youth Days organized in dioceses and at international level, which took place in Krakow in 2016, as well as prayer initiatives, for example: Great Penance (“Wielka Pokuta”), The Rosary to the Borders (“Różaniec do Granic”), Poland Under the Cross (“Polska pod Krzyżem”), organized by nonconfessional circles, namely by the association Solo Dios Basta. These three initiatives will be analysed on the basis of official announcements issued by the association, as well as press materials published in Polish national dailies and weekly opinion magazines. It will make it possible both to present the image of those undertakings created by the media, as well as determine its scale and scope. Moreover, the analysis will include the contexts in which religious mobilizations are presented.