Religia na (mniej) poważnie. Nowe ruchy religijne i religie prześmiewcze w kontekście współczesnych przemian kulturowych

Słowa kluczowe: mock religions, parody religions, postmodernism, jediism, dudeism, pastafarianism


This paper explores the issue of mock and parody religions, which is considered today as a interesting phenomenon among the new religious movements. Mock religions can be aimed at a particular religion or belief system, or they might encapsulate several selected elements of various religions. With humor as a common denominator, they have a large presence in the new media and some researchers consider them foremostly as Internet religions in contrast to more traditional and well institutionally rooted denominations. This paper reveals however the fact, that that these new religious movements can be also regarded as a reflection of the cultural condition modern societies live in and as such they might be analysed through cultural studies. In effect we can say that mock religions emphasize the personal and indivualistic approach to religion and spirituality in general.