Kościoły i związki wyznaniowe we współczesnej Polsce: wykaz wraz z komentarzem


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religions in Poland, classification of religions in Poland, doctrinal division of religions in Poland


The register of churches and other religious organizations conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in 2020 indicated 168 positions, however, it does not differentiate recorded communities in any other way than chronological. Moreover, the oldest and the biggest of them, the Roman Catholic Church whose relations with the state are stipulated by the Concordat, and fifteen denominations whose activity is regulated by the separate acts, are not included in the register. The article is divided into two parts: the arranged by sections list of all churches and religious organizations that have entered into legal relations with the Polish state, and the commentary of this listing.The aim of the article is to recognize religious rules that lie behind a doctrine of each particular church or religious organization, as the very names of them often do not contain the information about their tenets. The key criterion of the division was religious doctrine. Organizational dimension and religious practices were taken into account as the distinguishing criteria only in cases when they constituted an essential differentiator of belonging and identity of a particular group. The list is the most current recorded knowledge about the religious minorities that came into legal relation with the Polish state.