Zachodni neopoganizm – wybrane problemy badawcze


  • Zbigniew Drozdowicz UAM

Słowa kluczowe:

Western neopaganism, wicca, druidism, asatru


In these remarks I make the attempt to show the question of research issues related to the research on selected forms of neopaganism occurring in the West. I recall here the research conducted on such forms of the phenomenon as wicca, the druids and the asutran. However, at least some of them are visible during the research on many other forms of the contemporary neopaganism. They are related to both – the estimation of the number of members of such communities, their real beliefs and practices as well their relation to the closest and further social environment. In the remarks formulated at the end of this paper I tend to defend a general thesis that the modern reneisance of the paganism makes an important cultural phenomena and the research conducted on it makes an significant challange and task to do by the scholars representing the cultural sciences and the study of religions