Staroobrzędowcy jako przedmiot/podmiot badań interdyscyplinarnych. Postulaty badawcze


Słowa kluczowe:

Old Believers, interdisciplinary research, autoethnography


Old Believers are a religious minority living in the north-eastern part of Poland. Since its appearance in the territory of Poland, it has aroused enormous interest due to its diversity. Old Believers in Poland are one of the most detailed and most widely described religious groups in Poland. Among these studies, linguistic studies clearly prevail, but they take into account the historical and cultural context of the emergence and internal development of the community. The aim of this text is to characterize the current research as well as to formulate postulates setting the direction for future research. The first one is dealing with the internal dynamics and variability of the group, the second one shows the need to take into account new research methods allowing for constant updating of the state of knowledge. The third one is about the abolition of the opposition researcher-subject, objective-subjective and making research a space of dialogue, which is associated with a significant change the current paradigm based on the significant status of the researcher-theoretician. The research postulates formulated in this way can also be referred to studies other than Old Believers of religious groups in Poland.