Religia jako warunek metafizycznej otwartości? Religijne podstawy otwartego świata


Słowa kluczowe:

religion, openness, culture, reductionism


Emphasizing the thoughts of E. Cioran, who points out that only a religious man can properly grasp the nature of being, the article addresses the issue of metaphysical openness.  Firstly, it considers what the metaphysical idea of openness is, and how it relates to religion. The second point of analysis is whether acceptance of the existence of God (Transcendence) can be combined with the idea of an open world? The third notion is whether man and culture, deprived of religious experiences, are actually threatened with closing the world and living only in hic et nunc? In the religious sense, openness must be considered twofold. On the one hand, it is looking towards another dimension of reality, on the other hand, it is openness to the depths of man himself. In reference to human life, such openness signifies that it cannot be reduced to a biological dimension demarcated by birth and death. Man is always something more. When it comes to values, it turns out that they cannot be reduced to our will and creativity, because there is something more to them. Religious openness prevents the reduction of the world to something singular and universal, and prevents us from becoming stuck in the world and in ourselves.