O pokoju i braterstwie. Wybrane aspekty filozofii i myśli społecznej papieża Franciszka

Słowa kluczowe: Francis, peace, brotherhood, philosophy, social teaching


The article On peace and brotherhood. Selected aspects of the philosophy and social thought of Pope Francis is a rational and critical reconstruction and analysis of the doctrine of peace and the ideal of brotherhood in Francis’ social teaching. In the proclaimed doctrine of peace, the Pope refers to the essential contents formulated in the constitutions of the Second Vatican Council and in the social teaching, philosophy and theology of his predecessors: Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Francis accurately diagnoses contemporary difficulties and obstacles on the way to a peaceful and fraternal coexistence of people. At the same time, the pontificate of Francis gives dynamism to the doctrine of peace, characteristic of the person and intellectual formation of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. At the same time, Francis points out the path of renewal and “rebirth” of the doctrine of peace, the teleological nature of which determines the content of the duty necessary to implement the indicated ideals of social life.