Kościół a broń jądrowa. Rekonstrukcja doktryny społecznej Kościoła katolickiego


Słowa kluczowe:

war, just war, religious war, nuclear weapon, atomic bomb, Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Francis, the Catholic social doctrine, the Catholic social teaching


This article is for reference purposes. Its aim is to reconstruct the social doctrine of the Catholic Church regarding the usage of nuclear weapons. Te article consists of three basic parts. Te frst one is connected with the history of the Church’s approach to war, with special emphasis being placed on the theory of the just war; the second one is focused on the stance on war and nuclear weapons of the Popes whose pontifcates came afer the weapon was invented; the third part refers to changes and new doctrinal interpretations of the problem of war and nuclear weapons, which appeared during pope Francis’ pontifcate.

In the article the authors endeavor to answer the following questions: (1) can the position of the Catholic Church on nuclear weapons be considered in isolation from the Church’s stance on war?; (2) has the Church’s position on war and nuclear weapons been the same from the beginning or has it changed? (3) what elements did individual Popes bring to the Church’s doctrine regarding the use of nuclear weapons? (4) has Pope Francis changed the social doctrine of the Catholic Church in the face of war and nuclear weapons?; (5) How will the Church’s position on war and nuclear weapons evolve in the future?