Kształtowanie postaw moralnych wobec zmarłych bliźnich w kazaniach barokowych karmelity Serapiona Kociełkowicza


Słowa kluczowe:

mercy, sermons, purgatory, education, baroque, society


The subject of the article is the problem of formation of moral attitudes towards the deceased fellowmen in the preaching of the carmelite Serapion Kociełkowicz. The analysis concerns mainly sermons on All Saints’ Day and the Feast of the Dead from a collection of festive sermons written in 1701–1704, enriched with sermons taken from other collections of his authorship. The reflections are mainly focused on the issue of Purgatory and the idea of the Church - Mystici Corporis Christi. The shaping of attitudes towards the deceased was based mainly on persuasive procedures whose task was to influence the listeners of the sermons in order to develop a responsible and mature moral attitude. Helping the dead was a community duty based on universal values, the duty of Christians towards their fellowmen, as well as social values and norms.