Extra ecclesiam nulla salus? Students’ trust in the catholic church on the eve of the women’s strike


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trust, distrust, Catholic Church, female students


The topic of this article is female students’ trust in the Catholic Church. The interest in the beliefs of female students stems from the fact that until recently, numerous sociological studies have shown that women were characterised by a high degree of conformism towards the teachings of the Church and a high level of involvement in religious life. Currently, it is observed that the differences in religiousness between men and women are blurring. Their attitudes and religious behaviour are similar, liberalised and deinstitutionalised. The inference regarding the trust of female students in the Catholic Church presented in this article refers to the foundational research, whose findings complement the interpretation of the results of the empirical research carried out in 2020 (research sample of 621 people), in which the author of this text, among others, participated. The result of this inference shows, among other things, that women's trust in the institution of the Church is declining. Female students distance themselves in all basic dimensions of its social activity (institutional authority, charitable, educational activity) and religious activity (mediation in salvation).