Glosa w dyskusji o chrześcijańskich schizmach i schizmatykach


Słowa kluczowe:

Great Eastern Schism, schims in Western Christianity, cultural causes and effects


Schisms, which are an internal rupture in cult terms, do occur in all of the better known religions. Te object of this debate might be and actually is not just what is considered a schism but also this what is considered its cause and how its effects are being evaluated. In Christianity the rights to use that stigmatic notion was and still is being reserved by diverse churches. Te problem is that what is being considered a schism and condemned by some by others is being also considered a schism but those schismatics are being presented as those who had chosen the correct path towards God. It is the case of some Orthodox churches but also those numerous reformed protestant churches who let go the relations to Rome and proposed such cult formulas which are for many Christians much more attractive than the Catholic ones. In the debates on such schisms and schismatics such scholars take part who do not identify with neither of these Christian churches or confessions. Teir representation of the schisms and schismatics is however much diversifed in the spectrum of views. In these remarks I recall although the Weberian standpoint on this matter but still introduce certain corrections.