„Budujmy wspólny dom”. Papież Franciszek o znaczeniu religii i polityki w życiu społecznym


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Pope Francis, religion, politics, culture, society, philosophy


The fundamental issue from the perspective of this article is politics, and more specifically the relationship between religion and politics. Tis relationship can be summarized in the question that is the proper issue of this analysis, it is the question of dialogue between religion and politics, the question of whether politics can be an effective and useful tool in liberating the world from its problems (i.e. wars, social and economic inequalities, ecological crisis), or it can be a tool for avoiding and eliminating contemporary threats to man and his culture, to the world. The above question can be reformulated as follows: can the Church in its evangelization and inculturation activities, operating in different cultures and countries with different political systems and doctrines, cooperate (build bridges) with politics. Is the dialogue between religion and politics possible (real) or not for various reasons (e.g. doctrinal)? Can cooperation of religion and politics, at the local and international level (according to the principle: think globally, act locally) contribute to the implementation of the project of “common Home” proposed by Pope Francis?