Pokój i wojna w orędziach papieża Franciszka na Światowy Dzień Pokoju


Słowa kluczowe:

peace, war, messages of Pope Francis, World Day of Peace


Dealing with peace in the face of war as one of the problems of social life and searching for practical solutions in the context of its restoration, preservation and building, above all with regard to uniting and strengthening the defense of people, communities, nations and states for the sake of belonging to one human family are the key issues raised in the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. In its general message, concern for the common good, which provides protection and a peaceful and safe life, survived until the pontifcate of Pope Francis. The article presents the understanding of peace and war in the messages of Pope Francis, for the World Day of Peace, which is celebrated each year on January 1. The article discusses the documents published in the years 2014−2022. An important aspect of this analysis is the understanding of the concept of peace in the face of war and the proposed measures to achieve and maintain it, and to end the war, which are consistent with the social teaching of the Catholic Church.