Czy zakonnica może nie być radosna? Refleksje metodologiczne na temat badania form życia konsekrowanego


Słowa kluczowe:

consacrated life, religious orders, methodological atheism, lived religion


The article discusses the methodological challenges associated with the study of the forms of consecrated life. Analysing the studies of sister Jadwigia Cyman, the author shows the limitations associated with the application of “methodological atheism” to research on the indicated phenomenon. At the same time, he critically and diachronically approaches the methodological approach proposed by s. Cyman, who elaborates upon the religious dimension in her research. Te author shows that, de facto, her proposal does not show the lives of nuns but reconstructs its certain, currently changing, theological vision. Te article ends with the proposal to conduct research on the forms of consecrated life, using the perspective of everyday and lived religion, which - according to the author - allows reaching the actual religious experience