Imiennictwo Karaimów w Łucku w latach 1869–1950


Słowa kluczowe:

confessional minorities in Poland, Karaism, Polish-Lithuanian Karaites, Karaite community in Lutsk, demography of Polish-Lithuanian Karaites, Karaite anthroponymy


The article presents the content of the Karaitem-Rabban dispute regarding the counting the omer, which was presented in the treatise War at the Gates by a Karaite scholar from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries from the territory of the First Republic − Shlomo son of Aharon. A cursory analysis of the problem outlined by Szełomo, thus putting aside the historical and literary context for the time being, allows us to draw interesting conclusions in connection with the way in which both denominations tried (in this work) to deal with the mounting problems they were faced with by the order from Le 23: 15-16, requiring a countdown of 7 weeks from Pesach to the holiday of Weeks. Te reservations − which an attentive reader of this theological dialogue could raise towards both sides of the conflict − will therefore not be based on a historical-literary analysis of the problem of counting the omer, but will be focused on the internal textual analysis of selected fragments of the work, which will be enough to show some surprising analytical inconsistencies (both Karaite and Rabban side) in the process of analyzing the two biblical verses mentioned here.