Islamic Radicalization in France – New Features of the Familiar Phenomenon?


  • Klara Babińska

Słowa kluczowe:

Islamic radicalization, radicalization theories, Salafist movement, France, female radicalization


This article focuses on the phenomenon of Islamic radicalization in present-day France. The first part of the paper discusses the notion of radicalization in larger context. For this purpose, the existing theories on radicalization were presented, emphasizing that the phenomenon does not concern only radical Islam. Furthermore, the question of religion and the role of the Salafist movement were described. The second part of the article focuses on the new characteristics of the phenomenon in contemporary France. Firstly, the conflict between the adherents of the theory of radicalization of Islam and Islamization of radicalism was outlined. Secondly, the diachronic dimension of the phenomenon was sketched by presenting the thesis of three generations of French jihadists. Last but not least, the paper describes the phenomenon of female radicalization.