Religion and Radical Politics. From the Hussite Wars to Balaclava-Clad Virgin Mary


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religion, radical movements, radical politics, politics


The essence of radical movements is always an idea, for which people are willing to die. In the context of political emancipation religion might be such an idea. The connection between religion and radical movements is usually based on dialectics with the official interpretation of dogmas. Revolutionists claim that the official dogmatic theology is a “heresy” and they offer the true confession of faith instead. This article analyses the way religion serves as the basis for revolutionary movements, how it is engaged in a specific interpretation of the world. The analysis is grounded on three examples: the Czech Hussites, a conspiracy led by Father Piotr Ściegienny as well as religion in the Zapatista Movement. The aim of this paper is to present the way in which religion becomes the basis for a radical worldview.