Etapy życia bogów. Rola pojęcia Deus absconditus we współczesnej myśli judeochrześcijańskiej

Słowa kluczowe: Deus absconditus, Deus otiosus, philosophy of science, theology after Auschwitz, argument from hiddenness


Referring to the concept of “hidden God” – Deus absconditus has become very popular today. In contemporary philosophical-religious literature, theories built around this concept can often be found. I believe that the reference to this concept has a special meaning in our times. In my paper I will reconstruct the patterns of the “stages of gods’ life” in archaic religions. Against this background, referring to a few examples from the history of philosophical-religious thought, I will show the reasons why the concept of “hidden God” in the Judaeo-Christian tradition is conceived.  Finally, referring to three contemporary discussions on the question of God’s existence, I will show what role the concept of Deus absconditus plays in contemporary Judeo-Christian thought.