Postsekularyzm – mikro- czy megatrend?

Słowa kluczowe: Post-secularism, secularization, trends, sociology of religion


In my article I would like to look at the phenomenon of post-secularism from the point of view of sociological research of social trends. I generally understand post-secularism as a return to religious values and religious thinking in various areas and levels of social life. I would therefore like to ask whether post-secularism can be said to be one of the contemporary trends, and if so, what would be its characteristics and whether it can be described as a micro- or megatrend. After all, both leading microtrend researcher Mark J. Penn considered as microtrends some examples of religious revival in the USA, but also a classic reflection on megatrends John Naisbitt claimed that one of the megatrends today is the growing interest in religion.